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I'm Really Not An Addict

I'm really not an addict,
There is no need to shout;
But talking with my puter friends,
Has turned my life about.

I still do the grocery shopping,
And make a bed or two;
But instead of staring at TV,
I spend some time with you.

I go with friends or family,
To dinner or a show;
I take the time to hear my kids,
Or to watch a flower grow.

But yes, you'll find me off and on,
Sitting on my puter chair;
And talking to my cyber friends,
Who always seem to care.

There are redeeming qualities,
And hear me if you will;
Since playing in this cyber world,
I've improved keyboarding skill.

In fact I feel at peace with life,
Things are going well;
The only thing it hasn't done,
Is teach me how to spell.

.....Author Unknown


I have many friends that think that I too live here
in cyberland all most all of the time !!!!!!!!!
but I too find time to spend with my family
and do what must be done!!!
But I LOVE my cyber family and
they are just as important to me
and I love spending my time here
in cyber land with YOU!!!!!!

So please do not worry about me ...
I am doing fine ...
sitting here .. growing with you..
watching you .. admiring you ..
listening to you... learning from you ..
sharing with you ... laughing with you..
and even crying with you ....
What glorious times  - we share!!!!!!
I treasure them and YOU!!
and I plan on being here ... today
tomorrow.. next week.. next month..
and even next year!!!

I could sit here throughout eternity
if sitti ng here meant that
I could chat with you, share with you
laugh with you, cry with you
the only thing better ....
would be to be with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=) ...=) ... =) ...


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