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Along the Path
The handcuffs off, the cage slammed shut...
there she sat to ponder.
The twists and turns of life thus far...
how much further shall she wander?
Just then a man appeared to her
with an answer to her plight.
There is a path that leads from here
out of darkness to the light.
At points it will be very steep,
quite slippery, you should know.
But many have come before you
they'll point the way to go.
Open your mind, get willing and honest
with these you're well on your way.
And when you soul gets weary...
remember, it just for today.
Steps take incredible courage and strength...
so easy does it, take it slow.
You'll meet your God along the way,
faith be your guide as you go....
With all her dreams now shattered
and nothing left to lose.
Believing in the strangers words,
is what she did so chose.
Each day now is a precious gift,
for her journey has just begun...
She has stumbled, crawled, laughed and wept...
and today she's turning ONE.


Susan C

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