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Copyright Paul C. 2000 - 2001

The Best Pest

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a place so very far away there was a swarm of tiny winged insects that lived a quiet live undisturbed by any other creatures. Amongst this group there existed a particularly subdued dude who was known as Spry Guy. As if by some unknown force, by fate or by destiny, it became Spry's place in his world to live a life that largely consisted of going around and around in small circles. Spry didn't know why or what it all meant and he didn't try to figure it out because it felt right and the whole world was okay so long as he was doing it. He would get up early in the morning and hurry to his place in the cone shaped hollow and slowly start going around and around making a peaceful buzzing sound as he went. Around and around he went smiling and buzzing. He would just buzz buzz buzz around and around from early in the morn till late in the eve.

It was on an ordinary day that his world of tranquility came to an end as he was approached by a member of his tribe and told to "STOP "!!! Spry was shocked and hurt as he came to a halt. He looked into the eyes of the intruder with an embarrassed grin on his face while feelings of hurt, confusion and uncertainty churned inside his little frame. He was about to say something when he noticed a look of utter contempt on the face in front of him. The stranger stared into Spry's sparking eyes and his face reddened as a powerful and loud voice thundered out "You useless no good noise making waste of insect skin piece crap loser". "What the hell are you doing"? Spry had shriveled up even smaller and was trying to disappear altogether. He tried to get out the words " Please sir, I " when he was cut off by the sharp barking as the other continued without concern for Spry's answer. "Day after day you waste your pathetic life and annoy me buzzing around and around with that stupid grin on your ugly face making that god awful sound and stirring up wind while being totally without value or purpose or a valid reason to live". "Why don't you just buzz off and die?" Spry was as pale as a ghost as he mumbled but he couldn't say a word. He could hardly breathe and his bright eyes had darkened and clouded over as the y began filling up with shinny drops of rain that was followed by an emotional storm that swept over him. Tears poured down his flushed cheeks and splattered loudly at his tiny feet. He slowly inched his way toward the exit and broke into a fast flight as he hurried away full of shame and humiliation amid a deafening silence that was to haunt him everywhere he went. Spry disappeared as was not heard of or seen again.

Several months had passed and Spry had been drifting around and around banging into walls in search of his purpose in life and a reason to live. It was useless he was useless. The whole world seemed to be in chaos and he couldn't understand. He didn't fit in anywhere. He decided that enough was enough and the time had come to stop the pretending and face the fact he was no good. The other guy was right. He kept hearing the words echoing in his head "Just dies, just die, just die". Spry decided to do just that. He entered a corner drug store and with the last of is money he purchased the largest can of raid that he could carry. As he was leaving the store he noticed a brightly colored sign that read "Urgent, Important, S.O.S., calling all citizens, if you see this guy Spry, please contact the master buzzer at 1 800 Buzz Buzz. Spry was dumbfounded. He just stood there for a long time looking at a picture of himself with that stupid grin on his face. He remembered that grin and the comfort and ease that went with it and he was filling up inside with emotions. An unexplainable longing and a strong sense of curiosity convinced him to dial the number. As if by magic, he was instantly surrounded by a huge entourage of royal servants who quickly escorted him to the palace. Spry was honored at a ceremony and given the most excellent award for this past contribution to the betterment of insectual life. Spry was thrilled by all of the fuss but the highlight was when the master told him that he could have his old job back and that he truly did have a purpose in life. You see, Spry's small circles began the first ripples of air that created the wind that joined his buzzing that created the harmony that sang a soothing song of contentment that freed all to enjoy the wonders of life.

Spry quickly returned to his place in the cone shaped hollow and began his slow circles going around and around. A big smile appeared on Spry's face, a sparkle shone in his eyes and his heart was filled with an inner peace. He began to buzz buzz buzz around and around and the world came alive with the wonderful music. Each circle completed was a breath of life into Spry and with each breath came the energy to complete another circle and so on and so on. Life went on like this far into the future and Spry lived happily ever after.

The End

Copyright Paul C. 2000

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