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Looking through the looking glass
I looked at my life and into my past
I see the things that I have done
And frown on the things I did to have fun I sit and watch the first
time I got high As the joint touches my lips, I ask the glass why
Throughout time my friends start to change This style of life sinks
into my brain My definition of fun was sick and twisted When things
went wrong I always got wasted Weed wasn't enough so I sought out more
´Shrooms got me higher than I ever was before Drugs were the ingenious
way to hide The perfect escape from the feelings inside Chaos filled my
life at home Through the glass I could see that I felt alone Pain and
abuse became normal to me The glass shows me things I do not want to
see I force myself to sit and watch As I take my first shot of scotch I
drank all day and couldn't stop it The looking glass shows I was an
alcoholic I mistreated people under a polluted mind I lied, cheated and
committed crimes I watched myself get arrested and spend time in jail I
made an attempt at recovery and failed The vision went away and the
glass was bare My reflection in the glass was all that was there With
one swing of my fist, the glass was broken But it was too late; the
message was spoken No matter what, it´s never too late Just work the
steps and life can be great


Stephen Hefner

Age 15

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