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Hold on tight when the going gets rough

Recovery is such a fragile thing.
As my life changes,
As I grow emotionally and spiritually,
I get things, I get friends,
I work steps and learn to live life.
But still I need to hold on to my recovery as tight as I can
One day, I have a strong grip, I am so happy,
I say my prayers, with so much thanks for so many things.
Then, the next day I wake up and
Somehow I am barely hanging on,
I feel scared and alone.
I say my prayers and say
"Thank you God that I didn't use today"
It seems today that's all I have.
But, at least, I have that.
This too shall pass, I know it,
I have heard it before, I have seen it happen,
In my life and in others.
But, today, I hold onto my recovery with all my strength.
Days like these make me realize, how precious and how fragile
Recovery actually is!

"We keep what we have only with vigilance….."

by Rhonda N
Reprinted with permission