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Sometimes I think.but then maybe not

I try to remember..but,.now I´ve forgot

Sometimes I think.. of the days of my youth

Maybe the fantasy gets mixed with the truth


Sometimes I think of friends, are they now gone

Some maybe dead, I can´t think . which one

Sometimes I think..of happy days now gone by

When I had a partner I can´t find her now, I wonder why.


Sometimes I think ah, well maybe she´s gone

Now the doors opened.well maybe I was wrong

Sometimes I think. it must  be awful to be all alone

But then shadows flit by,ah maybe it was no one.


Sometimes I thinksomeone´s just given me a nod

Now I´m meditating why...am I waiting for God

Sometimes I think with my life, what have I done

Oh, the doors closed where have they have all gone.


Majinka Brocklehurst

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